Waiting for the Opportunity
Published on: August 30, 2023

I often say, “Opportunity meets preparation.” I say it because it is true. If I have ever coached you, I have encouraged you to dream about the opportunities you desire and then get to work preparing yourself for what it would take to meet that moment when it comes.

For some, this requires education or training. It might mean writing a book or creating a product or plan for a business. It might take investment in a mentor or coach. It may require a focus on personal growth and the development of your character.

One thing is sure, though. It will require something from you.

The tricky thing is that sometimes, the season of preparation has a totally unknown timeline. And we rarely can name the opportunity … just a sense of something pulling us into the future.

We must be faithful to prepare without the certainty of the opportunity. Sometimes, in silence. Sometimes, in darkness.

Always in faith.

Often, the opportunity we wish for—the one we set our sights on as we prepare—turns out to look completely different than the one we imagined when we began.

It is hard to wait for the opportunity.

It is hard to trust God’s timing.

It is so rarely as fast as we desire.

But I can testify of His wisdom in restraining me from premature opportunities before I had the structure in place, the character required, the relationships necessary, or the skills needed that would have caused me to stumble had I walked through the door too quickly.

I have learned to hand Him my dreams. Goals. Ambitions. Desires. Plans. Decisions. I have also learned to hand Him my impatience. Frustrations. Disappointments. Mistakes and heartbreak.

I know God holds me in the palm of His hand. He orders my steps, and He works all things for my good.

I know that when the timing on earth is in sync with heaven’s rhythm, He opens doors for me that no man can shut.

This was my prayer this morning, and I thought it might stir hope in you.

“Father, I feel anticipation in my heart. I feel joy at walking faithfully and growing in mastery, even without specific opportunities on the horizon.

I wait upon You.

I wait in active preparation. Intentional eyes on the horizon. Doing all in my power and not attempting anything in Your power.

I have given You my loaves and fish. What a miracle it would be to see those nourish a multitude. So here I am, Lord, growing toward readiness as I await a hopeful, positive, possible future. Amen.”