Systems for Sustainable Success
Published on: January 4, 2022

New Territory is awesome. Entering the Promised Land feels good. Now what?

God’s intention was never for squatters to set up in the Promised Land, waiting for houses and crops and bridges and roads to magically manifest or maintain themselves.

It is time to possess the territory you have claimed. Plow. Plant. Practice husbandry. Remodel. Renovate. Build. Dream. Plan. Rework your plans.

Labor well, then rest. Find the rhythm of work and worship, renew, and replenish that sustains your strength and fills you with joy.

Focus on systems, don’t obsess over goals.

Look back at past seasons. Where did you diverge just one degree off course that adjusted your trajectory and took you so far from where you wanted to be? What is your one degree? Adjust this one degree–just one percent sustained improvement–and over time, you will recover your course completely.

Do not snub the small change nor despise the small beginning, nor regret beginning again. Humble yourself to attend the little habit, take captive the small thought. Intentional, incremental restoration of your true identity, your desired health, your function, your talents, your dreams, and your desires will yield an exponential harvest!

Fruitfulness you cannot explain.

Revisit the things long dormant. Things forgotten or set aside because of deep disappointment.

Step into fresh grace, which contains no striving, only flow.

There is fallow ground all around you. Wherever you look, you see fields untended, unnurtured, neglected, overgrown.

God is reassigning territories. Redistricting. Reallocating resources to align with faithful hearts and hands. 

Those He finds faithful are about to receive more. From those He finds a double heart, shallow plantings, or false shows of development, He will redraw their borders and prune them back to a place where they can have the opportunity to restore, repair, and steward well. A fresh start for them too.

The harvest is ripe. Become one of God’s trusted, experienced, proactive, faithful laborers. Steward well whatever He places in your hands.

Begin by assessment now. Mark the borders. Dream big over your life. Plan. Work. Rest. Worship. Rest some more.

Systems and rhythms. These are the keys to your hopeful, bright, positive future.

Step into and engage the supernatural realm as you go about your natural business. Now is the season for you to administrate well the estate of God.

Such a marvelous adventure lies ahead!