Reflection Honors Experience
Published on: May 31, 2022

Without really knowing how, I have developed my intuition through the years to the place where I trust it profoundly. It serves me reliably.

I have discovered that my habit of reflection is a key element in that development. I regularly process my thoughts, experiences, and observations, then draw conclusions (without judgment) so I can be aware, learn, and grow intentionally.

This habit has sharpened my intuition and made it possible to “trust my gut,” because my gut is experienced and informed. My subconscious mind is full of these processed reflection files and can therefore draw from them at lightning speed without my conscious mind having to engage.

Reflection honors your experience. It cultivates wisdom–the ability to use knowledge skillfully.

Spend time thinking, friends. Away from a screen. Away from people. Away from ambient noise. Develop your intuition like film in a dark room. Take the time to let captured images process into vivid pictures of life.