Mini – Release
the Writer

April 29th

One-day Release the Writer seminar focusing on writing motivation, brainstorming, planning, techniques, a publishing checklist, and some proven strategies to complete a manuscript and move forward with publication

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Together We Will Cover:

  • Manuscript Tips – how to write a book people want to read
  • Writing Plans – how to organize your thoughts, make a plan, follow through, and focus to finish
  • Writing Help – strategies to enhance your content, highlight your expertise and experience, and make your book stronger
  • Branding Essentials – why branding matters, and how to build a platform
  • Publishing Basics – checklists, budget, guidelines, options, pitfalls to avoid
  • Prepare a Proposal – how to ask for a foreword and endorsements (or seek help from a book agent)
  • Amazon Acceleration – navigating print, kindle, marketing and more
  • Ingram Spark – deciding if this is right for you
  • Marketing Principles – how to get noticed in a crowded field
  • Launch Strategies – how to make a splash with your book
  • Beyond Your Book –  how to leverage your book for other opportunities 
  • Reference Materialsfull-color course curriculum for easy reference to what you have learned with all the tips, author resources, and more!